Shoulder Shrug

Designed to develop your upper trapezius muscles, the shoulder shrug is an exercise common to weight training. 

This exercise helps build up the muscles that run from the back of your neck down to the middle of your spine, and extend out towards your shoulder. Instrumental in both shoulder and back strengthening, the shoulder shrug is a great move for upper-body workouts. 

The Shoulder Shrug Through History 

Throughout history, the study of the function of the shoulder has been of great interest both to those involved in sports and those looking to learn more about the human body. 

As such, common exercises like the shoulder shrug have evolved to help athletes and weight lifters build up strength in their upper back and their shoulders.

Because the muscle is mainly used in throwing, along with the rotator cuff and the deltoid muscle, it has become an incredibly important area of the body to keep strong.

This particular exercise relies on the use of weights in order to help build strength. Things like dumbbells, kettlebells, or even barbells are commonly used to complete the exercises. 

The use of weights for strength training goes back all the way to civilizations such as the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Indians. These civilizations each adopted their own set of weights for training purposes, which have since evolved to become the weights that we frequently see in the gym today. 

What The Lateral Raise Looks Like 

When performing a lateral raise, a lifter will stand up straight with their hands shoulder-width apart. They will typically be holding weights in both hands. 

Once they’re ready, the lifter will raise their shoulders up as high as they can without bending the elbows or moving any other part of the body. Typically, it’s good form if the shoulders are horizontal at their most elevated point. 

Evolution Tied To Equipment 

As noted, the evolution of weights has been substantial throughout history. Though the lateral raise can be done with just about any weight, advancements in technology mean that a variety of equipment can be used, including: 

  • A Smith machine
  • Resistance bands
  • Trapbars 

Part Of The Fitness World 

This move is just one of many that contribute to the overall world of weightlifting and general fitness. It can be seen in a variety of lifting routines at just about any weightlifting-focused gym and is typically practiced by most beginner and experienced lifters as a way to build shoulder and upper-body endurance. 

Using The Shoulder Shrug

If this sounds like an exercise that would be great for you, you can certainly learn how to do it! 

To do so, visit your local gym and speak with a trainer about what equipment will work best for you and fit your exercise needs. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction, and show you how to properly execute the move. 

Perfect For Strong Shoulders

The shoulder shrug is a classic lifting technique that has a great impact on the upper body. This exercise is one that has quite a number of equipment-based variations, making it highly accessible for lifters of all levels!