Lateral Raise

The lateral raise helps isolate and strengthen your shoulders. 

This exercise is just one aspect of getting a well-rounded upper body workout. With the use of dumbbells, the exercise provides a way to build muscle and stabilize your shoulders while also working some of the muscles in your arms. 

The Lateral Raise And Dumbbells 

Dumbbells are an important part of doing the lateral raise, as they are what provide the weight and resistance training for your shoulders. 

The history of dumbbells goes back some time – all the way to ancient civilizations such as Ancient Greece and Ancient India, in fact! 

The ancient Greeks used similar weights to build strength and during the ancient Olympic Games. However, these weights were slightly different in appearance and were more crescent-shaped. 

The ancient Indians used a piece of equipment called a “nal”. This was longer than most dumbbells you’ll see today, and more like a club. However, they were often used for weight training. 

The dumbbell soon got its name after the British began using church bells with the clappers removed as weights. The soundless bells, or “dumb” bells, caught on and have been growing in popularity ever since. 

As techniques in weightlifting have continued to evolve, moves like the lateral raise have become a staple in the routines of both beginner and experienced lifters. 

Lateral Raise Form 

Today, dumbbells are a staple of the lateral raise. This particular move is used to develop a “v-shaped torso” and shoulder strength, as the shoulder helps stabilize the upper bodies and lend strength to the arms and chest. 

The move is done by raising dumbbells out to the side of the body with both arms and lowering them back down again. The key to the move is to go slow and steady; moving too fast won’t give the shoulders the right exercise. 

Weightlifting Evolutions 

The evolution of this move is tied to that of weightlifting throughout the last century. 

Additionally, as we’ve learned more about the human body and the way our shoulders work, techniques have become more refined so as to limit strain and enhance the more positive effects of the lateral raise. 

Part Of A Larger Fitness Business

The lateral raise is just one part of the business of fitness, which encompasses everything from weightlifting and bulking shakes to equipment like dumbbells and barbells. 

A Commonly Used Exercise 

The lateral raise can be found in any number of weightlifting routines, as it’s so great for bulking up the shoulders and building both stability and endurance in the upper body. 

Though it’s not necessarily judged as a competitive sport, per se, it is something that you’ll likely come across in any weightlifting-heavy gym. 

Doing The Lateral Raise 

If you’re looking to learn the lateral raise, start by going to your local gym. Talk to a trainer about what weights might be best for you to begin with, and create an exercise regiment in which you can incorporate the move!

Working The Shoulders

The lateral raise is an incredibly important part of any well-rounded weightlifting routine, and can seriously bulk up the shoulders.