Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo jumps take running shoes to the next level – and they look pretty space-age, too! 

In reality, they’re actually some seriously cool equipment for an exercise that just may help prevent long-term injury to the legs. 

The Bouncy Running Shoe

The term “Kangoo Jumps” actually refers to a brand of rebound exercise shoes. These shoes are designed to combine health and fitness for all ages and have a series of uses from rehabilitation to general weight loss. 

Of course, Kangoo Jumps are often used in fitness classes too. Different exercises based on dance, pilates, and cardio workouts are typically involved in Kangoo Jump classes. 

Rebound Exercises

Kangoo Jumps are considered a rebound exercise. Rebounding is usually a low-impact exercise, and other variations include using a mini-trampoline to complete workouts. 

The Kangoo Jump shoes are designed for several cross-training workouts, and are used in rebound exercises. 

The spring on the bottom of the shoe helps remove much of the negative impact that one might feel on the knees or back when running or jumping. 

A Kangoo Jump Class

Kangoo Jumps are great for group classes. 

To prepare for your first class: 

  • Do a little research on the studio you’re attending to evaluate whether or not you’ll need to bring your own Kangoo Jumps. 
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing. 
  • Stretch before your session for optimal range of motion. 

The Kangoo Jump Workout 

Each instructor and class will focus on different techniques with each session. 

However, if you want to try Kangoo Jumps on your own, determine the focus of your workout. Kangoo Jumps are great for cardio and lower-body training, and can also be used for balance and stability. 

Once you’ve determined the exercise that you intend to do: 

  1. Put on your Kangoo Jump boots. 
  2. Position yourself for your exercise, and move as you usually would in regular shoes. Keep in mind that balance may be a new factor in your exercise, especially if you’re just getting used to the Kangoo Jump boots. 

How Kangoo Jumps can Help 

There are a myriad of reasons why Kangoo Jumps and other rebound exercises are great to use as part of your workout routine. 

With Kangoo Jumps, you can build on your cardiovascular exercises and fitness, all while burning calories, building posture, and having fun. 

Expanding your Exercises

Depending on your skill level and comfort with the boots, you may want to make variations to your regular exercise routine while wearing the boots. 

Your instructor for your Kangoo Jump exercise classes will have specific workout routines and goals that they work on with the class during each section. 

If you’re looking to tone down or ramp up the exercise you’re getting, speak to them about how you can use the Kangoo Jump boots to achieve your exercise goals. 

Take your Exercise to New Heights

With Kangoo Jump boots, it’s possible to bring some fun into your exercise routine while still getting a powerful workout! Using these boots can help with your strength, balance, stability, and more, making them a great investment for your exercise regiment.