Forza (Samurai Sword Training)

Have you ever imagined being skilled with a sword, much like a Samurai? 

With Forza, it’s possible to bring the techniques used in Samurai sword training to your exercise regimen!

The Samurai Sword Workout

This relatively new exercise class is intended to provide the kind of workout that helps you concentrate and focus. The name “Forza” is Italian for “strength and power” – and that’s exactly how creator Ilaria Montagnani designed the exercises that are part of a regular Forza class. 

A High-Intensity Workout 

This high-intensity workout provides a great full-body exercise. 

The class involves a wooden sword and takes a lot of inspiration from classic Samurai warrior sword teachings. 

There are three movements that make up most of a Forza class. This involves: 

  • Diagonal cuts – coming down with your wooden sword over your shoulders 
  • Full cuts – bringing the sword down in front of you so that the tip is at the belly button 
  • Half-cuts – bringing the sword down from overhead so that the tip is about neck-height

Getting Prepped For Forza

Because Forza is such a unique exercise, you’ll want to discuss the best preparation tips with your instructor. However, there are still some things that you can do to generally prepare for your class, such as: 

  • Come wearing comfortable clothing for optimal range of motion 
  • Keep an open mind and open ears to listen to the instructor 
  • Stretch out both your upper and lower body before your workout to minimize soreness

Learning the Forza Ways

Once you’re ready to join your class, you’ll find that each class is a little different depending on the instructor and the kinds of things they’re going over. 

As you continue through your classes, you’ll likely end up focusing on maintaining proper form and in the process build strength in both your upper and lower body!

A Zen Exercise 

There are several physical and mental benefits to Forza that make it a great choice for your next exercise class. 

First off, you’re getting a really well-rounded full-body workout when participating in Forza. With the weight of the wooden staff and your work to balance yourself, both upper- and lower-body strength is used. 

On top of that, however, the kind of focus needed to participate in Forza is what makes the exercise something of a zen experience. Mindset is key for success in Forza, so this can be a great chance to relieve stress. 

Taking Forza to the Next Level 

If you’re already familiar with Forza and how to do many of the moves, talk to your instructor about ways that you can build upon some of the moves that your class is doing in a given session. 

In doing so, you’ll be able to further tailor the workout to your personal needs and workout goals. 

Learn to be a Warrior

With Forza, you’ll find strength, stability, and mental training that gives your entire body – and well-being – a fantastic workout. By keeping the right mindset and tone throughout the workout, you’ll soon begin to see improvements not only in your strength, but in your focus as well.