Healthy Homemade Wheat Bread Recipes

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Welcome to Healthy Hour Coach, Today I will share info about the Healthy Homemade Wheat Bread Recipes. To start a healthy life, there are many food outlets.

The Secret of Fresh Healthy Wheat Bread Recipe:

Secret of fresh wheat bread

Fresh Bread Recipe – This fresh bread has become one of the mandatory breakfast menus, especially for people abroad because there is a staple food which is the main ingredient of bread makers.

This fresh bread is made from wheat or wheat flour which is good for consumption and is very suitable to be eaten as a breakfast menu in the morning because it has high fiber,

Carbohydrate and protein content, especially if added with honey or milk it will taste more enjoyable and give high calcium for body growth.

In general, there are 2 types of fresh bread that we often find on the market, namely ‘ white bread ‘ and ‘ toast bread ‘.

 This white bread type bread is plain bread that is still large, while toast bread is white bread that has been cut into pieces.

 In bakeries and supermarkets, there are many other types of bread sold, such as french bread, pain au levain, baguette, frankenbrot, wheat bread, and many others.

This fresh bread can also be consumed by all people of all ages, ranging from children, adolescents, adults, to the elderly who can consume fresh bread every day.

 Because in addition to providing good benefits for the body, this white bread also provides a sense of pleasure that can be combined with other foods.

Healthy Homemade Recipe for Wheat Bread:

For some people making their own bread at home is something that is very troublesome and seems less workable.

 How come? The city of Jakarta with a multitude of bakeries and bakers who are scattered all over the village, offering a variety of bread with diverse flavors.

 Ranging from cheap to expensive even though there are. Well, I am not some people and for me once in a while trying to make it myself doesn’t hurt.

 The taste of bread just coming out of the grill is second to none. Really!When the bread is still warm, fresh with the smell of yeast that makes your entire home like heaven.Hmm …

Maybe if we still live in a big city where anything is available and easily accessible – as long as we can afford to prepare our own food,

Especially those that are quite time-consuming in processing it is considered to be less effective.

 But imagine, if suddenly you have to live in a small or remote rural town with access that is hard to reach so that everything needs the struggle to get it.

 The only way if you want to enjoy your favorite food is to make it yourself. That’s when your cooking skills might be very useful. 

Healthy Homemade Soft Fresh Bread Recipe :

This fresh bread has become one of the mandatory breakfast menus, especially for people abroad because there is a staple food which is the main ingredient of bread makers.

 Bread made from wheat or wheat flour is good for consumption because it has high fiber, carbohydrate and protein content.

Delicious fresh bread to serve as a practical, delicious and super healthy breakfast menu.

 Enjoying it can be smeared with butter, meses, atopun jam to eat just like that. oh yes … to make baked cakes can also be mixed or made with pudding.

 So much, apparently the menu is made from a mixture of fresh bread. Fresh bread, soft texture, good to eat if it’s new.

 Good and healthy fresh bread, of course, without any preservatives, so generally plain bread cannot last long so don’t consume it if it’s moldy or past the expiration date.

Healthy Avocado Wheat Bread:

Avocado Wheat recipe

To start a healthy life, there are many food outlets that serve healthy menus.

 But is not preparing healthy food at home alone will be easier and certainly does not drain a lot of money right?

 Ladies can try making delicious practical menus such as healthy avocado jam wheat bread. Interested in trying it at home?

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Need Healthy Recipe for Wheat Bread:

Wheat bread

 Mix shrimp, ground chicken, chicken skin, light soy sauce, salt, pepper powder, and granulated sugar.

 Knead evenly. Add egg white. Knead while slamming until smooth.

Take a piece of wheat bread. Top with shrimp mixture. Roll up. Wrap it in plastic.

Steam over medium heat 20 minutes until cooked. Lift.

Heat margarine. Saute the bread until it’s browned. Cut into pieces. Cross out with mayonnaise. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.


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