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Healthy bread for a chocolate breakfast

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Welcome to Healthy Hour Coach, Today I will share info about the Healthy bread for a chocolate breakfast pudding. Breakfast is considered the best mealtime.

Healthy Chocolate Bread:

Healthy chocolate bread pudding

Since we are leaving on a month lengthy tropical journey in some days, I’m trying no longer to the grocery store and dissipate the whole lot I even have.

In a completely long list of draft recipes (approximately 100), I had this chocolate coconut bread.

I tested some years again and given that have abandoned. I don’t forget it became out very moist however texture wanted paintings.

Kids have a busy week of sports activities, so I needed gas snacks, desperately.

Healthy chocolate bread made with a can of coconut milk to the rescue, yep.

Healthy Chocolate pudding with peanut butter:

If you think that good health and dessert are words that you can not combine into your lifestyle, you should think again.

 This recipe is a combination of the delicious ingredients, the fat pudding and mixed with other healthy ingredients such as dark chocolate,

Cocoa powder and natural peanut butter, which contain low saturated fat and a high percentage of antioxidants, to get pudding Peanuts.

You may need to add bananas to add natural sweetness and tofu, which provides the body with vegetable protein,

Thus increasing the feeling of satiety and fullness and feel more relaxed after eating this meal in addition to it contains a balanced sugar.

The Healthy Nutritional value of dark chocolate:

dark chocolate

It has recently been discovered that dark chocolate made from cocoa tree seeds,

Which is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet has many health benefits,

Eating dark chocolate can provide many of the health benefits described below.

And remember that chocolate is also high In fat and calories so beware of the amounts that are taken.

There were different opinions about whether or not chocolate improves mood.

 A study was conducted to determine that people who ate high-sugar chocolate had a high rate of mood improvement and a sense of happiness for a short time.

Conversely, people who ate chocolate with fewer sugars did not get the same result, suggesting that the secret to feeling happy and changing mood .

The sweet taste of chocolates means that chocolates have no effect on their own mood.

So far, the main reason for feeling happy when eating chocolate has not been known.

 Chocolate contains low amounts of caffeine and theobromine, both of which eliminate stress and fatigue and temporarily improve mood.

 It also contains tryptophan, which helps raise levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that is associated with depression reduction rates.

So eating chocolate affects the level of neurotransmitters associated with the mood in the brain.

 It is also a good source of flavonoids that work to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and act as antioxidants.

 However, flavonoids found in chocolate have no direct effect on 

Recipe for Delicious Chocolate Sow Bean Healthy Bread Pudding for Breakfast:

1. Beat the eggs, granulated sugar, and salt evenly. Add liquid milk. Stir well. Set it aside.

2. Take a piece of plain bread. Spread thickly with peanut butter. Sow meises. Cut 6×8 1/2 cm.

 Place a piece of bread in an aluminum foil pan that has been smeared with margarine. Pour egg mixture. Cover again with bread. Pour the egg mixture again.

3. Sprinkle with nuts and chocolate chips.

4. Oven temperature 170 degrees Celsius 30 minutes until cooked.

Healthy Breakfast with Hot Pudding Caramel Bread:

 Greet the morning with a smile so that your day will be more enjoyable yesterday.

In addition, don’t forget to have breakfast , because breakfast is very important for the body to keep fit during the daytime activities.

Breakfast is not necessary with food that is expensive and too filling, provided the stomach is filled with more than enough.

For those of you who are tired of the breakfast of bread that is smeared with your favorite jam.

This time you can make bread and make it delicious and tempting.

Healthy Breakfast Forget Chocolate Bread:

Chocolate bread

 Breakfast is considered the best mealtime. According to health and diet experts, breakfast is the best way to maintain or reduce weight.

According to Today’s Dietitian journal, those who are used to eating breakfast are healthier than those who have never. 

Because, people who are accustomed to breakfast more intake of vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients.

It’s just that you need to remember, not all breakfast menus are good, you still have to choose them.

 Eggs, fruits are a better choice than wheat bread covered in chocolate jam. Here are some types of food that can be selected at breakfast.

1. Fruit
Many people are looking for easy ways to consume vitamins. Though the fruit is still the best source of vitamins.

 Besides vitamins, we can also get antioxidants and fiber with less sugar and calories.

2. Yogurt
Choose yogurt that is without sugar. If you want sweeter, add fruits or honey.

3. Fatty fish
Salmon and mackerel are excellent sources of protein, plus the content of omega-3 which is very good for the heart.

 Doctors recommend that this type of fish be consumed twice a week. But if you continue to eat it every night it will be boring so you need to vary it for breakfast.

4. Eggs
According to the United States National Agriculture Library, one large egg contains 72 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fat. 

But many are worried about consuming eggs because they are afraid of cholesterol levels rising when eating the yellow portion.

 Even though on the other hand, egg yolks contain very high protein.


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