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Healthy Alternative for burgers

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Welcome to Healthy Hour Coach, Today I will share info about the Healthy Alternative for burgers. It feels no less delicious with other menus. It,s Amazing.

Healthy Alternative bread

It feels no less delicious with other menus.

Apricot, ricotta, honey, and black pepper

This one recipe is usually processed when the farmers have entered the harvest season. 

Sweet apricot flavor can be used as an alternative topping for processing your toast.

 Simply slice the apricot according to taste, then add additional ricotta, honey, and a little black pepper to the sweet neutralizer. Easy isn’t it?

Ratatouille and goat cheese

Another seasoning that is suitable for making processed baked goods is a recipe for ratatouille which is given a little extra goat cheese or goat cheese. 

The way it is presented is fairly simple. Mix the ratatouille spices, then sprinkle on the surface of the bread along with slices of fresh vegetables.

Such as tomatoes, lettuce, lime juice, eggs, and don’t forget to serve with goat cheese. This is a traditional French recipe.

Smoked salmon, red onion and cream cheese

If this combination is suitable for bagels, you can also use it on processed toast. Choose bread according to taste, then spread with butter evenly. 

Then place the grilled salmon meat, onion, and cream cheese on top or bread topping.

 Besides being delicious, this recipe can also cause a longer feeling of satiety.

Chicken liver and pickles

Besides cooking chili, you can also make chicken liver toppings on toast. It’s high iron, protein, and vitamin A content can maintain your stamina throughout the day.

 Well, to make it taste more delicious, mayonnaise, pickles, and pieces of lettuce leaves. You can make this dish using fresh bread or baguette.

Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

Finally, there is a super-practical toast recipe for those of you who don’t have much free time to make breakfast.

 Simply apply tomato sauce on the bread surface, then sprinkle the mozzarella cheese on top. Practical, simple and delicious!

The burger is claimed to be the healthiest:

Healthiest burger

The bread used is brioche with green tea powder and gluten-free flour. This bread is processed from scratch by Limon.

While the patty – meat on the burger – does not contain meat. The ingredients consist of natto – Japanese fermented soybeans -, beets, quinoa, and mushrooms.

Besides patty, nutri-burger is filled with avocado, tomatoes, kimchi, and lettuce.

 Some of the ingredients in this burger may have never been heard before. Just say wearnutkin Boursin cashew cheese and white matcha tea powder.

If a burger is usually eaten with fries, nutri-burger has a healthier alternative. Purple yams and sweet potatoes, cut like french fries, baked with the skin.

Nutri-burgers aren’t eaten with tomato sauce or bottled chili sauce. The special mayonnaise sauce is made from duck egg yolk,

mixed with lemon juice, avocado oil, seaweed powder, leeks, sea salt, and black pepper.

Not only that, but there are also complimentary drinks that are healthy and refreshing. The ingredients are chocolate powder, bee pollen, and nuts.

Healthy Vegetables for Burger Replacement:

Healthy vegetable bread

 Bread has become a food that is familiar to the Indonesian tongue to replace the role of rice every day.

 It’s just that the bread content is not good enough because it still provides high calories.

Bread contains 53 calories in one slice, not including filling in the form of chocolate, cheese, vanilla, jam, or meat. 

The calories given will increase, just like eating one plate of rice.

To be an alternative, you should not replace bread with vegetables and fruits. 

If you usually only know yams or potatoes as a substitute for carbohydrate

Healthy Alternative Stuffing Burger Besides Meat:

Almost everyone likes burgers. No wonder various fast food outlets providing burger providers are always crowded.

 But fast food is certainly not good for your health. Diabetes, heart disease, and other blood vessel diseases,

Will lurk you who often consume these foods. But there are alternative ways you can make your burger healthier.

First of all, you can use whole wheat bread on your burger. Don’t forget to add vegetables, like tomatoes, lettuce or cucumber. 


Tempe can also be an alternative burger filling. Tempe comes from soybeans which are rich in fiber, protein, and calcium. 

How to make this burger filling tempe in the same way as in the mushroom above.


Prepare sweet corn, then puree using a  food processor.  Adjust the texture to your taste.

 Then you can mix mashed corn with cheese, wavy onions, pepper, salt, and bread flour. Form the mixture to be flat round, then bake.

Healthy Alternative Steamed Burger Recipe:

For any food that is made by ourselves, we know everything that is inserted into our body and we know that the food is clearly far more nutritious for our body.

 Then if you read articles about the fast food chain, you like to scold yourself right? That’s because we don’t know what has been mixed into it.

This steamed burger uses fresh minced meat and fresh vegetables so you can try this recipe for you who is looking for a healthier alternative than careless snacks.



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