The pushdown is a strength-training exercise designed to focus on the arm. 

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Just one aspect of a well-rounded weightlifting routine, the pushdown is completed by pushing an object against resistance, typically downward. 

This is the perfect example of the triceps muscles or those muscles in the back of the arm. Additionally, it has some benefits for the bicep muscles, too! 

Pushdowns With Cable Machines

The pushdown is typically completed with a cable machine. These machines are often used in weight training or functional training and use a weight stack attached through a cable and pulley system. 

The cable machine is believed to have been invented by Jack LaLanne in the early 1950s. The design was taken further by Harold Zinkin, who invented the Universal Gym Equipment machine, which incorporated the cable machine. 

Today, these machines are a staple at just about every gym and fitness center.

The use of the pushdown is a strength-training exercise has gained more popularity in the last several decades. The idea of strengthening the triceps muscles became more popular as bodybuilders worked more on the detail in their upper-arm muscles. 

Instead of just focusing on the biceps with exercises like bicep curls, the stabilization and strengthening of the arms through the triceps became a more widely accepted concept. 

Today, pushdowns are a fairly common technique that you’ll find in a variety of bodybuilding routines. 

Performing The Pushdown 

The pushdown is typically done in a few easy steps. Lifters will stand in front of the cable machine and grab the attachment bar with an overhand grip. 

Then, they’ll push the rope down towards the floor, ending at about thigh level. The position will be held for a few moments before the bar will be carefully returned back to its starting position. 

This move has evolved with the evolution of the cable machine, as it relies on this equipment to properly do the technique. As improvements to the cable machine have been made throughout the last few decades, the quality of the pushdown exercise has improved. 

Making Use Of The Cable Machine

The pushdown is just one exercise that can be done on the cable machine but is proof that these machines are frequently used and necessary in the pursuit of strength training and bodybuilding. 

This has continued to raise demand for these kinds of machines in both personal and public gyms. 

Typically, you’ll be able to see the pushdown in action at any number of gyms or weightlifting-specific facilities. 

Joining The Pushdown Movement 

If you’re interested in incorporating the pushdown into your workout, the best thing to do is visit your local gym. Most will have several cable machines on hand, where you can do the exercise. 

Make sure to speak to a trainer about the right amount of weight you should be lifting, as well as to set your weight lifting goals. After that, you’ll be on your way to mastering the exercise!

An Arm-Targeting Exercise 

The pushdown is a great exercise for those looking to beef up their upper-body strength, particularly for the triceps. This accessible exercise is one that can be done by people of all ages and experience levels!