Aerial Yoga

What if you could add something like a trapeze act to your regular exercise routine? 

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With aerial yoga, it might not be impossible! 

A Modern Form of Yoga

While the roots of yoga go back for centuries, aerial yoga is a modern yoga form that was created in 2014. It combines a few different types of movements from Pilates, dance, and traditional yoga poses you might already be familiar with. 

The Trapeze Exercise 

This exercise is a unique variation of yoga and Pilates. It works with a specific kind of hammock which is necessary to perform any of the aerial yoga moves. 

And this isn’t just any kind of hammock, either. It can support just under 700 lbs and is designed with a webbing strap, silk hammock, carabiners, and support chains for safety. 

As aerial yoga has a history in yoga, you’ll find that several moves are the same. One popular pose is “flying pigeon pose,” a variation of the regular pigeon pose that you might be familiar with from regular floor yoga practices. 

Going for the First Time? 

If you’re going to try aerial yoga, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. 

  • Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing. 
  • Keep a relaxed mindset when going into your poses, and remember not to rush. 
  • Try not to eat too soon before joining an aerial yoga class, as you won’t want to cramp up during the exercises. 
  • If you’re doing this exercise at home, make sure you have the correct equipment and that your hammock is securely fastened to the ceiling. 
  • Make sure you’ve got a spotter with you. 
  • Stretch out before getting into your hammock. 

Performing Aerial Yoga 

Once you feel that you’re ready to begin, start out with a basic lunge: 

  1. Stand in the center of your mat and hold the sides of the hammock apart. 
  2. Slip one leg through the hammock. Keep in mind that the hammock should support the weight of this leg while the other one is still on the mat.
  3. Gently lunge forward, inhaling and keeping your weight on the hammock. 
  4. Carefully move back to your starting position and exhale. 
  5. Repeat the move again before switching legs for a balanced workout. 

Physical Health 

Though aerial yoga hasn’t necessarily undergone clinical trials, fans of the unique exercise have noted that it includes not only stretching the entire body, but strengthening the muscles. 

On top of that, aerial yoga takes a lot of stress off the spine as the body is supported by the hammock. 

More Aerial Yoga Moves

If you’re looking to get more out of your aerial yoga, here are a few popular poses to try: 

  • Cross position – leaning back against the hammock with arms outstretched
  • The Star Inversion – bending your body backwards while supported by the hammock
  • One-legged king pigeon pose – bending your body back with one foot hooked into the hammock 

Get Some Air With Aerial Yoga

If you’re excited by the idea of this unique and stress-relieving exercise, you should definitely consider joining a class or adding it to your regular yoga routine!